Cambio Suites


Cambio Suites

Date: March 03 2017
Category: 3-Bedded, Completed Projects, Condominium, Residential

Renovating a home in Singapore can be quite the challenge, especially when you’re faced with space constraints. As each home resembles the one next to it, it becomes more desirable to have an interior that is unique and offers a perception of affluence.

Thankfully though, we’ve learnt to get creative with designer secrets for small spaces! Perhaps this completed 3-bedded unit with 3 loft bedrooms @ Cambio Suites might change your mind.

Thank you, Ms. Grace and family for taking precious time off to share with everyone your cozy home!

Project completed by Joannie Yee!

28 lim tua tow road5687

28 lim tua tow road5676

28 lim tua tow road5696

28 lim tua tow road5714

28 lim tua tow road5713

28 lim tua tow road5727

28 lim tua tow road5716

28 lim tua tow road5725

28 lim tua tow road5720